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LNER Theta 2 by AlanPalgut LNER Theta 2 :iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 1 0
Walter the Lovesick
"I DON'T know what it is, Thomas," said Walter the next morning, "but I get a bit lovestruck around Emily."
"That's okay," said Thomas. "After all, the best way to an engine's heart is through its boiler."
At that moment Virginia passed by with a large passenger train and the two of them whistled to her, and she whistled back in reply. "No Express today?" asked Thomas.
"Henry got the opportunity today," explained Walter. "James is pulling it tomorrow."
"Let me take you over to Trevor," said Thomas. "I'm sure he needs help at the orchard."
Shortly afterward the two arrived at Edward's Station. Walter was shocked when he saw Trevor.
"What on earth is that?" he gasped.
"I'm a traction engine," explained Trevor. "I run on roads instead of rails."
"So what of your owner requires my assistance?" asked Walter.
"I have here some sand to take to the other end of the line," said Trevor's Driver, handing several heavy sacks of white sand to Walter's crew, who put them into his cars. "It will be q
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Upward, Downward
THE next day, Walter was at the junction when Thomas pulled up. "Hello," said the little blue tank engine. "I don't recall seeing you here before."
"My name's Walter," said the black tank engine. "I just got acquainted with this line yesterday."
"Anyway, I'm Thomas, and I run this branch line with my two coaches, Annie and Clarabel," said the blue tank engine. "By the way, how did you come here?"
"Virginia and I were sitting near a scrapyard in Liverpool," said Walter, "and it wasn't until James found us that we came to your railway."
"Who is this Virginia?" asked Thomas.
"She's an express engine," explained Walter, "and I hope you get to see her pulling the Express soon."
"What about Gordon?" asked Thomas.
"He showed her yesterday," replied Walter, who was quickly interrupted in his thoughts by the appearance of Percy, Toby and especially Emily. "Who are these?" he panted.
"These are my friends," explained Thomas, "and they help out on my branch line."
Walter snapped back into reality
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Newcomers' Trial
REPAIRS on Virginia took less time than those on Walter; but after a few days at the Works they were ready and given gleaming new paint. Walter asked to keep his normal black, which was only slightly different as the weathering was gone; and Virginia picked blue, retaining her wheels' black.
"You look splendid," said Walter, "and absolutely beautiful."
Just then Henry strode in with his morning passengers. "Hello there, newcomers," he said, looking at Walter. "You do indeed look splendid for new engines. By the way, is it just me, or did Gordon have a makeover?"
"That wasn't very nice," said Walter. "You've hurt Virginia's feelings."
"But I was only joking," said Henry sadly, "and I'm very sorry about that, Virginia."
Virginia understood this. "It's quite alright," she said. "By the way, this is my friend, Walter."
"Well, I'm Henry and I hope you both will be working soon," said Henry as he puffed away.
As Henry left, Bear arrived with Sir Topham Hatt. "So James told me that we've rece
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Double Rescue
JAMES took an evening freight train to a station in Liverpool on the Other Railway. As he was about to leave he saw a scrapyard with two sad-looking engines on a nearby siding.
"I'd hate to see the two of you cut up," said James sympathetically.
"I know," said the smaller of the two, a black tank engine with eight coupled wheels. "Are you by any chance among the fleet of the North Western Railway?"
"You bet I am," said James proudly.
"Are you in need of another freight engine?" he asked.
"As a matter of fact, yes," said James, "and we also need a relatively decent pilot engine."
"How about an express engine?" asked the larger, a green engine similar to Gordon but with a different structure.
"Not enough to make Gordon jealous," laughed James, "but if you really want to escape being scrapped, then you can come."
"I will," said the green engine. "My name's Virginia."
"And I'm Walter," said the tank engine.
"James," said the red engine. "I'll talk to my crew about it, and see if I can save
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Thomas the Tank Engine/Railway Series OC (engines)
Gender (optional):
Nickname(s)/alter ego(s) (optional):
Eye colour (optional):
Wheel arrangement:
Basis (if known):
Designer (optional):
Livery (i.e. colour of engine and wheels if applicable):
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My Railway Series OC's
Railway Series OC's
Format: Name, wheel arrangement, locomotive basis, colour, location
John (0-6-2T, GER L77, GER blue, Thomas' branch line)
AFTER the events of "Thomas Comes to Breakfast," the Fat Controller chose Daisy to do Thomas' work for him. However, her stubborn and lazy nature almost gave him second thoughts, and until she helped out with the incidents of "Percy's Predicament," he considered a smart blue N7 named John to replace her. A shortage of tank engines on the line several years later, however, gave John his big break, and now helps his good friends Thomas and Toby with his share of passenger work. He also assists Herman with his heavy passengers whenever needed.
Herman (4-6-2T, CR 944, CR blue, Thomas' branch line)
A HUGE traffic increase in the late 50's and early 60's led the Fat Controller to purchase two new engines from Scotland – one for freight and the other for passengers – because Thomas' branch line, much like the main line, was getting more crow
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My Little Punnett Square by AlanPalgut My Little Punnett Square :iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Mature content
Ash to Ashley :iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 4 2
The Chambermaids
The Chambermaids
Note: all four members are right-handed, although Tori's drumset is somewhat modified and Annie plays a right-handed Fender with a left-handed headstock (facing up)
Joann Kirsten "Annie" Chornykov (married, no children)
Birth date: August 23 1988 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hair colour: platinum blonde, often worn in pigtails with indigo hairbands
Eye colour: turquoise blue
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 170 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Lutheran
Instruments: guitar, banjo, harmonica, sitar, woodwinds, lead vocals
Preferred clothing: Ukraine flag (top is turquoise, bottom gold) t-shirt that doesn't cover her navel; long pants, not ripped; high cowboy boots with three-inch heels; turquoise heart-shaped jewel covering her navel; turquoise heart earrings
Katherine Heloise "Kathi" Phung (widowed, son passed at four months)
Birth date: September 21 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hair colour: black with blonde highlights, often worn in Sailor Moon odango buns with pi
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 1 0
A Hearth's Warming Carol
A Hearth's Warming Carol
IT was Hearth's Warming Eve in Equestria, and whether they were caroling in the snow,  having snowball fights, cooking the splendid repast for the following day, or just relaxing and watching pegasus hockey, everypony was merry and bright – all, that is, except for one elderly alicorn named Silver Ice. Inside his counting house he worked his employee and niece, Twilight Sparkle, and her pet dragon, Spike, whose tail had been injured in a carriage accident three days prior, down to the bone.
Aside from what little of a fire Twilight and Spike had feebly crackling, there was absolute silence until a knock came at the door. Spike opened it, and there was a pink earth pony named Pinkie Pie. "Happy Hearth's Warming!" she shouted.
"What gives you any reason to be so joyful?" asked Silver Ice.
"Well, it is Hearth's Warming Eve," said Pinkie Pie, "so I brought you this wreath, AND TOMORROW WE'LL HAVE DELICIOUS GOODIES FOR EVERYPONY!"
"Bah, Humbug!" snarled S
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PI Mario BW by AlanPalgut PI Mario BW :iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
The Magikoopa's Apprentice
Once upon a time – I believe it was in ancient times in what is now the Mushroom Kingdom – there lived an elderly Magikoopa named Kamek and his apprentice, a red Koopa Troopa named Karl. When Karl was not being taught magic spells, he would fill the cauldron in Kamek's basement with water, often wondering why he couldn't perform these spells just because his master would. Very rarely would Kamek teach new spells, and very frequently Karl filled the cauldron. There was one spell, however, that Kamek hadn't taught Karl – how to bring life to an inanimate object.
One day, as Kamek finished practising his magic, Karl heard him mutter a certain magic spell to himself – the one that he hadn't been taught. As Kamek went off for his lunch break, he set down his hat and left. Karl waited until his master was out of sight; then he grabbed Kamek's hat and put it on. In the corner of the basement lay a broom. Had it never been ridden by Kamek, such a broom would pass as ord
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One Froakie Evening
Once upon a time, in a land known as Kalos, there lived a man named Satoshi. Once a great Trainer of Pokémon, he had since won every badge known to people like him, and grew up to be a construction worker. One day he found, inside an old building that was being demolished, a small steel box with several papers inside it, reading, in an old fashioned font:
"Know all ye present – that this building was dedicated on April 16th, 1892, and that these papers were put inside this box, for which we preserved this time capsule on that date inside the J.C. Wilber Building."
That was not all that was in the box, however, for soon his eyes met those of a small, yet well-preserved, Froakie, which climbed onto the lid of the box and, pulling out a top hat and cane, began to sing:
"Hello, my baby
Hello, my honey
Hello, my ragtime gal
Send me a kiss by wire
Baby, my heart's on fire
If you refuse me
Honey, you'll lose me
Then you'll be left alone
Oh baby, telephone
And tell me I'm your own!"
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Luigi Amuck
Luigi was on a background of some replica of 17th century France, wearing a fancy outfit and wielding a court sword in his right hand. "Hold it, Cardinal! I will show you my blade and your blood! Touché!" Suddenly, after a few sketchy pictures, the background faded away. Luigi was confused. "Cardinal? En garde? Touché? Hey, where's the scenery? Where and when is this picture?" he asked.
The person in charge did add some scenery, but what Luigi didn't know was that he'd be in 19th century Italy instead of 17th century France. "Hold it, Cardinal! I will show you my blade and your… blood?" Luigi was even more confused; then he gave a nonchalant look and said, "Go ahead. It's all yours." Within a few seconds Luigi was in his green hat and shirt and overalls, playing a mandolin and singing:
"When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's amore…"
Suddenly the setting changed to the interior of a moving train, and with it Luigi sang these bizarre lyrics:
"When t
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Rainbow Dash in the 241/2th Century
Once​ upon​ a​ time​ warp,​ in​ a​ galaxy​ known​ as​ Cavallus Maximus,​ there​ lived​ a​ blue pegasus with a rainbow-colored mane and maroon eyes by​ the​ name​ of​ RAINBOW​ DASH​ IN​ THE​ 24½TH​ CENTURY!​ One​ starry​ evening​ Rainbow Dash went​ to​ see four of her best friends for​ an​ important​ mission. They were Twilight Sparkle, a lavender unicorn with a purple mane with maroon highlights and purple eyes; Fluttershy, a yellow pegasus with a pink mane and teal eyes; Rarity, a white unicorn with a violet mane and cerulean eyes; and Applejack, a light orange earth pony with a blonde mane and green eyes. The​y all met​ on​ a​ platform​ that​ moved​ upward​ until​ it​ reached​ a​ map​ of​ space, on which all
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