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My two Fakemon by AlanPalgut My two Fakemon :iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
As Luigi exited the Secret Altar he got everybody he had seen into the Foyer. "Get out of here!" yelled Luigi. "You'll end up in the fifth dimension if you don't!"
Nobody else said anything, but did as Luigi said. The three princesses all got out, followed by Pikachu and the other Pokémon, and lastly came Luigi; and as soon as they exited, the whole mansion imploded and faded into a vast, empty space.
Back at the lab, Luigi went to the professors with his last ghosts. "Well, this'll mess with your head," Prof. Oak said, "but all your hard work lasted only a single night! Well done, Luigi!"
"Thanks a lot!" Luigi said.
"No, Luigi, thank you for helping us out," said Prof. E. Gadd. "The mansion those Boos built disappeared into the night, but that treasure seems to be real. I have no interest in such stuff, so go on and keep it all! Use it however you like!"
"So it was all just a phony," said Pikachu sadly, "but at least Luigi is rich."
"Say what?" Prof. Oak said. "Enough rattling on
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Act IV, Sc. 3
Luigi used the key of spades to get to the final room. Inside it he saw a large Boo wearing a giant crown. Luigi knew who he was in an instant: King Boo.
"Aahh, I could just stare at my two finest paintings for hours," King Boo sighed happily. "It's true what they say about fine art… it takes utterly refined sensibilities to truly appreciate it. The way you plead for help… I find it so… satisfying."
Luigi hardly dared to move an inch, but Pikachu got more and more cross.
"Perhaps that is merely because I remember how much trouble you've caused me in the past. Seriously, though, who would actually believe that mansions get given away in contests?! Talk about stupid! What do they feed you on anyway… gullible soup?"
"Stupid indeed," thought Luigi to himself.
"He is right," thought Pikachu. "They came all this way to become paintings."
"Now we'll become paintings," thought Drifblim nervously.
"Not if Luigi defeats him," thought Decidueye.
"Courage triumphs over cowa
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Act IV, Sc. 2
With the power restored in the mansion, Luigi and Pikachu traversed through the Cellar, where Luigi cleaned up lots of dust and ghosts. Another blue Gastly was there, so Luigi took advantage of this and caught it as well as the room's corresponding Boo. They were walking a lot, but that didn't worry Luigi at all. He had to save Mario and Ash before dawn came.
The duo went back to the Telephone Room. It was still dark, and inside the chests were two Alolan Marowak, as well as a Boo, that would be easily caught by Luigi. The key from the Cellar led to the Clockwork Room, where three Banette soldiers stood at attention with pop-gun muskets. Luigi and Pikachu activated each clock, waking up the trio. Luigi had to deal with each individually, and once all three were caught, the power came on and the duo captured the Boo inside the room. There was no key this time, but there opened two doors leading to the roof.
On the roof, Luigi found several Duskull dancing around the bonfire in the cente
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Act IV, Sc.1
Before Luigi used the key of diamonds, he went into the basement, where he found a blue Gastly with yet another reward for him. Then Luigi and Pikachu returned to the Boneyard, where a large seed pod sat, revealing money by the gallon. Perhaps the most extravagant item Luigi found of these was a golden diamond, one of only two, according to Pikachu, that could be found in the mansion. From there it was business as usual – and more specifically, ghost-catching as usual.
As soon as Luigi walked up to the door with the diamond on it, he and his four Pokémon were caught aghast when a bolt of lightning struck the roof and knocked out the power, and this meant that ghost levels were much higher. Prof. E. Gadd called them through the SGBH, telling them of this phenomenon. All the rooms previously lit were now as black as pitch. The quintet decided to go to the only unlocked room, the Telephone Room. In the middle of the room, there rang a candlestick phone.
"Who is this?" said the
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 1 0
Act III, Sc. 2
After Luigi captured the Boo in the Fortune-Teller's Room, he and Pikachu went to the third floor. Inside the Safari Room he found three water Gengar (Ghost/Water), which he shocked with electricity, and two Trevenant, which he used Ice Beam on. Upon their defeat, the room was cleared, and a Boo popped out, which Luigi immediately caught.
Prof. E. Gadd called, telling Luigi that he could now use a rotary knob on the Poltergust 6000P to expel various elements from it. "Use it to your advantage, sonny!" he said, and Luigi checked the chest to find another key.
The key led to the third floor Balcony, and upon their arrival, the Boo Radar on the SGBH went haywire. In the center, between two Heracross statues, fifteen Boos stood, or rather floated, in a ring.
"That scaredy-cat Luigi has made it this far," they whispered to each other. "Oh, we're so frightened! I guess it's our turn, then… All right, Boos, let's assume our real form… But first, how about giving him a little scare
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Act III, sc. 1
Luigi went to the Boneyard to water the plant that he and Pikachu encountered earlier, and a large flower bloomed. Then he and Pikachu went to the back of the mansion, and the key of clubs unlocked the door to the Courtyard. Luigi attacked the Mimikyu that fell from the trees, and the chest that appeared revealed lots of money. Luigi released Noctowl and Decidueye, and they flew to a small straw building.
Inside it Luigi saw Princess Rosalina, wearing her fancy dress and sporting her hair, unusually, so that one could see her right eye. Like the others she was crying, but she cheered up when she saw Luigi. Pikachu shook a nearby tree and found Mario's letter. "I wonder what it says," Pikachu thought.
But they couldn't think much more as Noctowl and Decidueye flew near the creepy stone well, and Luigi and Pikachu went down it. In the room adjacent to it they saw a Boo and two paintings: one of Mario and another of Ash. "GET US OUTTA HEEERREEE!!!" yelled Mario from his "canvas." Luigi an
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 1 0
Act II, sc. 2
After a bit of a review on Boo hunting, Luigi went back to the mansion. Scavenging the rooms he had already been in, he found eight Boos before he went to the Washroom. A little yellow mouse with a lightning-bolt tail was in there crying. "Do please get Ash out of this mansion!" it sobbed. "I'll be so upset if I never see him again!"
"Don't worry about it, Pikachu!" said Luigi. "I'll find him if it's the last thing I do! If you'd like, you can join my team."
"Really?" Pikachu said as he finally cheered up. "You mean it? Well, thank you, Luigi!"
"No problem," said Luigi. "If you help me get Mario out, I'll make sure Ash comes back safely."
"Then I will follow you," said Pikachu. "By the way, here's a key."
The key led to the Fortune-Teller's Room. In front of a crystal ball, there sat a veiled Mismagius, who sought lost and dropped items. Luigi and Pikachu had nothing to offer, so they went into the next room, the Mirror Room. As soon as they entered the room it locked and several turqu
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Act II, sc. 1
Using the heart key, Luigi opened the door at the north end of the foyer and went into the bathroom, the only room in this part of the mansion that was unlocked. As he entered two white Misdreavus tried grabbing him, but he used Decidueye and Drifblim to fend them off. Prof. E. Gadd contacted Luigi about the Misdreavus and told them that there were different kinds that would grab him. Luigi then grabbed the key that appeared. Next, he was in the Ballroom, where several dancing Duskull waited.
Removing the skull masks was a bit hard, but it worked, and he exposed their hearts easily and sucked them up. Once he cleaned the room of Duskull, two Shuppet appeared in the middle of the room. They were dancing together, and Luigi caught them easily, thus revealing the key to the Storage Room.
Before Luigi took care of the ghosts, he found another blue Gastly in the crates. As with the last one, Luigi was rewarded with a large sum of money. Then, after fending two Haunter and two normal purplis
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Act I
Upon first glance the Foyer looked remarkably like that of the first mansion. The only differences Luigi noticed were a small door to the right and Princess Peach, who wore instead of her normal dress a pink sweater and blue jeans, crying where one of her Toads was. Luigi walked up to Princess Peach, who stopped crying. "Am I glad to see you, Luigi!" she exclaimed. "I came here when Mario told me about this place… and he never came back. I'll be so upset if he doesn't!"
"Leave it to me!" Luigi said. "I'll find him."
"I'd like to give you something in exchange for finding Mario," Princess Peach said, "but all I have is this key and a few Pokémon. There's a Noctowl and a Drifblim, but be careful."
"I guess that will do," said Luigi, going over to the door on the right and unlocking it. With that he found himself in the Garage, which, though dark, was completely devoid of ghosts. In the center there was an automobile that looked like an American version of the Ford Model Y. He
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
It was a dark and stormy night – well, it was dark and there were flashes of lightning followed by the corresponding booms of thunder, but no rain. In a deserted forest, a tall, thin man with a big nose and a mustache walked up to what he assumed to be his new abode, a large Gothic structure fitting of one of Sir Walter Scott's darker materials. Luigi, as he was so often called, was quite phobic, and phasmaphobia (i.e., the fear of ghosts) was very strong in him. Very nervously he went inside.
The plumber walked into the foyer but did not know where to go. Up the stairs he went, but the door in front of him was locked. Just then there appeared a purplish blob holding a giant key on the lower level. Luigi knew these ghosts from his battles with Pikachu. "A wild Gastly appeared!" he thought, turning around to see what showed up. He was right on the first try, but before he could see it, the Gastly fled the foyer and into the locked room, dropping the key as it flew.
Luigi picked up
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Before I go on with the story, I wish to clarify which normal ghosts are which Pokémon:
Gold Ghost: Gastly
Purple Puncher: Haunter
Blue Twirler: Gengar
Grabbing Ghost: Misdreavus
Garbage Can Ghost: Trevenant
Ceiling Surprise: Mimikyu
Shy Guy: Duskull
Mr. Bones: Alolan Marowak
Also, I plan to reveal the names of each Boo and their locations and name origins:
Parlor: Boomarchais (Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais)
Anteroom: Boonatic (Lunatic)
Wardrobe Room: GameBoo Color (Game Boy Color)
Study: Booshkin (Alexander Pushkin)
Master Bedroom: Booquet (Bouquet)
Nursery: MaliBoo (Malibu)
Ball Room: Booseau (Inspector Clouseau)
Storage Room: GameBoo Horror (Game Boy Horror)
Mirror Room: James Boond (James Bond)
Laundry Room: Boo York City (New York City)
Butler's Room: PikaBoo (Pikachu)
Hidden Room: Boocille (Lucille)
Conservatory: Booccini (Giacomo Puccini)
Dining Room: Boocatini (Bucatini)
Kitchen: Boolevard (Boulevard)
Rec Room: Boonanza (Bonanza [1959-1973])
Tea Room: Doctor Boolit
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
LNER Theta 2 by AlanPalgut LNER Theta 2 :iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 1 0
Walter the Lovesick
"I DON'T know what it is, Thomas," said Walter the next morning, "but I get a bit lovestruck around Emily."
"That's okay," said Thomas. "After all, the best way to an engine's heart is through its boiler."
At that moment Virginia passed by with a large passenger train and the two of them whistled to her, and she whistled back in reply. "No Express today?" asked Thomas.
"Henry got the opportunity today," explained Walter. "James is pulling it tomorrow."
"Let me take you over to Trevor," said Thomas. "I'm sure he needs help at the orchard."
Shortly afterward the two arrived at Edward's Station. Walter was shocked when he saw Trevor.
"What on earth is that?" he gasped.
"I'm a traction engine," explained Trevor. "I run on roads instead of rails."
"So what of your owner requires my assistance?" asked Walter.
"I have here some sand to take to the other end of the line," said Trevor's Driver, handing several heavy sacks of white sand to Walter's crew, who put them into his cars. "It will be q
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Upward, Downward
THE next day, Walter was at the junction when Thomas pulled up. "Hello," said the little blue tank engine. "I don't recall seeing you here before."
"My name's Walter," said the black tank engine. "I just got acquainted with this line yesterday."
"Anyway, I'm Thomas, and I run this branch line with my two coaches, Annie and Clarabel," said the blue tank engine. "By the way, how did you come here?"
"Virginia and I were sitting near a scrapyard in Liverpool," said Walter, "and it wasn't until James found us that we came to your railway."
"Who is this Virginia?" asked Thomas.
"She's an express engine," explained Walter, "and I hope you get to see her pulling the Express soon."
"What about Gordon?" asked Thomas.
"He showed her yesterday," replied Walter, who was quickly interrupted in his thoughts by the appearance of Percy, Toby and especially Emily. "Who are these?" he panted.
"These are my friends," explained Thomas, "and they help out on my branch line."
Walter snapped back into reality
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0
Newcomers' Trial
REPAIRS on Virginia took less time than those on Walter; but after a few days at the Works they were ready and given gleaming new paint. Walter asked to keep his normal black, which was only slightly different as the weathering was gone; and Virginia picked blue, retaining her wheels' black.
"You look splendid," said Walter, "and absolutely beautiful."
Just then Henry strode in with his morning passengers. "Hello there, newcomers," he said, looking at Walter. "You do indeed look splendid for new engines. By the way, is it just me, or did Gordon have a makeover?"
"That wasn't very nice," said Walter. "You've hurt Virginia's feelings."
"But I was only joking," said Henry sadly, "and I'm very sorry about that, Virginia."
Virginia understood this. "It's quite alright," she said. "By the way, this is my friend, Walter."
"Well, I'm Henry and I hope you both will be working soon," said Henry as he puffed away.
As Henry left, Bear arrived with Sir Topham Hatt. "So James told me that we've rece
:iconalanpalgut:AlanPalgut 0 0


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